Letter to Keshav and Akshaya

by Frank Zahn

Dear Keshav and Akshaya,

In Sanskrit, a language of India,
you chant, Om Namah Shivaya,
and I chant, Om Namah Jehovah.
Differences in the chants
do not separate us.
You honor Shivaya,
who resides within you,
and I honor Jehovah,
who resides within me.

But together,
we simply honor one God,
who goes by two different names.
If you keep this in mind,
it will help you to better understand
your Hindu and Christian families,
not just the one you are taught
to favor and keep close,
but also the one you are taught
to tolerate and keep at a distance.

Much Love, Grandpa.


Copyright © February 2013 Frank Zahn. Published in
Perceptions: Prose and Other Poetry, Grove 49 eBooks
(Kindle Edition) 2016; Alive: Short Prose and Poetic Expressions of Thought and Feeling, Vancouver Books (Kindle Edition) 2019.


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