Limbs on the Evergreens

by Frank Zahn

Limbs on the evergreens
outside my window
sweep downward
with weighty tendrils
and silently undulate
in gusts of wind
as nature’s prelude
to a summer storm.
And when thunder
breaks the silence
and lightening flashes
in the darkening sky,
limbs on the evergreens
outside my window
wait impatiently
to bathe in rain
that will refresh them;
extend their reach;
and keep them strong,
limber, and ever green.

Copyright © 2001 Frank Zahn.
Published in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review,
Volume 11 Issue 2 Confit June 2017
; Perceptions:
Prose and Other Poetry, Grove49 eBooks
(Kindle Edition) 2016 as revised in 2019.

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