My Lament and That Other Voice

by Frank Zahn

That Other Voice
within me
will not be denied
as I lament the passing
of the nineteen-sixties
and the life I left behind

What happened to the world
of "heightened awareness"
that I found at Woodstock
and in the anger of Mick Jagger
and the Rolling Stones,

a world in which income
from that Asian War
enabled me to drop out
and indulge myself in drugs
and booze and protest
and sex with one and all?

What happened to freedom
from responsibility
and loyalty and cleanliness
and respect for others?

What happened to the love flowers
and communion with nature and
my caring-sharing-feeling life,

a life devoid of faith
and discipline and reason?

I wish I could return
to those wondrous years
and the life I left behind,
That Other Voice within me
will not be denied.


Copyright © 1996 Frank Zahn. Published in The Criterion, Volume 6 Issue. II April 2015 - http://www.the-criterion.com/V6/n2/Frank.pdf; REFLECTIONS: A Collection of the Author's Short Prose and Poetry, Vancouver Books (Kindle Edition) 2019; Alive: Short Prose and Poetic Expressions of Thought and Feeling, Vancouver Books (Kindle Edition) 2019.



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